Die Cutter Machines

The Artistic Edge digital cutter
Why would a QUILTER want a digital cutter?
By using a digital cutter it will make your quilts come alive in ways you only dreamed of. Create custom shapes, replicate fabric patterns for applique or simply cut full sheets of fabric for tiny piecing without having to use a rotary cutter or scissors
“Less time cutting out fabric, leaves more time for quilting”.
Feeling creative?  We have just the thing for you!!
The Artistic Edge digital cutter has taken creativity to a whole new level.
With the Artistic Edge, you have the ability to create appliqué designs with tiny details that you never would have been able to achieve with a rotary cutter alone. The Edge can precisely cut out these objects on various media forms, giving you a unique touch to your designs
  • Includes 3,500 embroidery and appliqué designs.
  • Create One-Step Appliqué
  • Includes all of the tools you need to design your own custom artwork.
  • Use the Print-and-Cut feature to cut out precise shapes from printed fabric and paper.

Heavy Duty Industrial Design

  • 3 industrial strength cutting blades (Fabric, Paper, Template)
  • High Quality Aluminum body
  • Long lasting LED lights
  • Commercial grade steel components

Serious Power

  • Maximum Cutting speed – 600 mm/sec
  • Maximum Cutting Pressure – 750g
  • Laser alignment
  • Fine tuning blade holder for precise adjustments